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Introducing the XECUTIONER HYBRID HEAD, the ultimate broadhead for your next hunting expedition. This hybrid design combines the durability and strength of a fixed blade with the cutting power of mechanical blades, making it perfect for taking down big game. The stainless steel construction ensures maximum penetration and cutting ability, while the 3 1/4 inch cutting diameter allows for devastating wound channels. With a 100 grain weight and razor-sharp blades, the XECUTIONER HYBRID HEAD is a game-changer for any serious hunter. Whether you're targeting deer, elk, or other large animals, trust the XECUTIONER HYBRID HEAD to deliver lethal and consistent results.


SKU: 6157
Sales Tax Included |
Color: Black
    • 125 Grain 3 1/4 inch cut
    • Hybrid Head
    • Adjustable Ferrel for Smaller and Wider Cuts
    • .50 Thick Blades
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