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Introducing the XECUTIONER/DH - KINESIS, the ultimate fixed 125 grain silver broadhead for hunters who demand precision and power in their equipment. Crafted with the highest quality materials, this broadhead delivers unmatched accuracy and penetration, making it the perfect choice for taking down big game. The durable construction ensures that the XECUTIONER/DH - KINESIS can stand up to the toughest hunting conditions, providing hunters with a reliable and effective tool in their arsenal. The sleek silver design not only adds a stylish touch to your gear, but also helps to increase the broadhead's aerodynamics for improved flight and impact. With the XECUTIONER/DH - KINESIS, you can trust in the performance and dependability of your broadhead when it matters most.

Xecutioner Broadheads Kinesis

SKU: 6140
Sales Tax Included |
Color: Black
    • 3 Fixed Broadheads
    • 440C Steel Blades
    • Fixed True Tanto Tip
    • Low KE Tested
    • Short Draw Tested
    • Flies Like a Dart
    • 1.375 Main Blade
    • 2 Blades 100 Grain
    • 0.875 inch Bleeder
    • 4 Blades 125 Grain
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